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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Book characters on the big screen!

Ever since the radio entered our home, story book characters seem to bleed through the mediums. Harry Potter is on tape, on screen, and even in a theme park. In Universal studios, the Cat in the Hat walks around and hugs children. Even the movies are more interactive-

This summer is a particular treat-Disney star Selena Gomez stars in the release of Ramona and Beezus opening in theatres July 23rd.

This offers a plethora of opportunities for parents of young readers. First, have your child read (or read with them) the story Beezus and Ramona. Another option is to rent the book on tape from the library. Talk with your children about how their lives relate to Beezus or Ramona. Then, take them to the movie site so that they can explore with Selena or watch the trailer. Then, get your popcorn and go to the movies!

After the movie has ended, ask your children how the book was different from the film.

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