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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If a picture is worth a thousand words...

...then a picture online is worth a thousand blog posts.

As bloggers and authors, we often see our world in words (and complex ones at that): that main has a long gait (not stride), the sky is the color of steel wool (not blue). After taking some time to focus my eyes within the dimensions of a lens instead of the four walls of a page, I've learned that a world of shapes, not words, lends itself to creative expression not achievable in words alone.

As a public speaking teacher, I teach a unit on nonverbal communication (this includes anything from a friendly wave to a stomach rumble). As I've already noted, my Public Speaking class will interact online via our class blog. In addition to speaking in front of the class, I want to emphasize that the "public sphere" now extends to the internet, too (Facebook has 500 million users!). To show them that nonverbal communication occurs both in face-to-face communication (a frown) and online (pictures), I will also be including a tumblr activity. Thoughts on using tumblr in a college classroom?

When we use images instead of words, we can get all kinds of results.
Twists on the expected result in humor

Using photso instead of words to draw attention to our culture

Google recently accepted a 3rd Grader's drawing for its "Doodle for Google" design. I want in on this drawing action! While my photos may never be featured on a fabulous blog (other than mine of course)pictures can always be used to tell a story. For the rest of the summer, I will be telling my story in words (here and in my novel) and in my sketchbook.

The best part about the sketchbook project is it's totally mine-random, wispy things I put down in a moleskin-then send in to a sketch museum archive. My first concert tour-in pictures!

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