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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Max and Mary: The latest commotion in stop motion animation

Max and Mary is a 2009 stop animation story from Australia. This is no Christmas Clay-mation special though; these characters deal with asylums, broken hearts, and substance abuse (one chocolate, one sherry). With the help of lightheartedness that we grant animation, these characters deal with serious issues through humor, letters, and a distinct sense of humanity.

The reason I like this story for class so much is that it's a great example of show AND tell. For artists, it's show: the use of color (brown for Mary, grey for Max...where do students see red used?). For writers, of course, it's tell: how does Max speak? What details does he pay attention to, and how does this shape his character (to be fair, his dialogue is characterized by his disorder...does his disorder make his character, though?).

The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night-Time is another great example of an autistic character-seeing the world through a different set of eyes is very enlightening for any reader or student.

To see my complete lesson plan on character voice, log on to's teacher corner in September!

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