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Monday, July 26, 2010

A musical interlude

Music is a powerful tool of communication-it can alter your mood, and even make your brain work faster, and serve as a mental gymnasium!

We've talked about the power of using technology, pictures, and movies as learning tools in our classrooms. But what about music?

Music can serve as an excellent educational tool, even if your class isn't musically inclined (talent or lesson plan-wise). Music from other countries serves to teach multiculturalism. In math classes, rhythm can teach counting and even fractions. Tech Ed classes can learn about the construction of musical instruments, social studies classes can learn about the history of musical movements, poly sci classes can study music as a means for social change...the list goes on.

Check out the BBC's collection of multicultural music. This site gives free access to teachers in the classroom or students at home-a great tool to use in your class blog or in general class discussion.

For more on music in education, check out Musicophellia and music for social change.

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