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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Post the First

Dear Reader,
Once upon a time, I started a blog. It was the typical High School blog: Guess what I did today?! That's the funny thing about our generation, and our blogs in general: we really do think that our life events are super-dooper exciting, and that everyone would want to, and certainty should, take the time to read them.
Don't get me wrong, I believe in the therapeutic and historical benefits of journal-keeping. It's good for relaxation, and I've been told that a soothing habit before bed helps those suffering from Insomia (though I've found the sound of waves works for me). But don't forget, this diary is your totally biased and surprisingly narcissistic hobby.
So this is a blog, not to be confused with a therapeutic run down memory lane. I will certainty include personal anecdotes-what's life without a little character?-but they will remain relevant to the topic at hand: bread, coffee, and teaching.
Hopefully we can all learn together-I want to hear your feedback on lesson plans, recipes, and life in general. And then we can all live enlightened, well-fed, and happily ever after :)

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  1. Well, you know how I feel about food! We should cook together and post our yummy results.


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