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Monday, July 19, 2010

Scones: The Breakfast of Carbivore Champions

Scientists say that starting your day with a healthy breakfast jump starts your body. Stephanie says jump starts are usually amplified by deliciousness. Carbs, as we know, take longer to burn. Satisfy hunger and sweet tooth with scones!

Recently, I was craving some deliciousness to break up a lovely walk in Central Park. I get stressed when I get lost. I get lost a lot. so I decided just to wander and pretend like I had a purpose (thus I am not lost)and see what I could find. Low and behold, I see ahead a little purple canopy labeled "Alice's Tea Cup". Now, as my title may confuse you, let me explain that I am more often than not seeking coffee flavor rather than caffeine. This leads me to choose a chocolaty mocha over a green tea any day. However, as any good tea party princess knows, cakes and tarts are often the sidekick of a teacup. I decided my logic, and sense of adventure, would be well-served to check it out.

What do I find? Magic! Yup, I was offered fairy dust when I walked in the door (sometimes this happens in New York City. Readers, be advised that unless this person is working in a magic tea shop they may be seeking to eternally imprison you in a crack addiction). So I sit at my table, with my over-sized and mismatched chairs, and immediately become overwhelmed with the tea menu. It's huge. I'm but one small person who easily jitters out on caffeine. To soothe my addled brain, I switch to the scones. Vegan, organic, low fat scone. Hmmm. That sounds like all good things baked into one. What would taste good with that? A nice cup of Earl Grey sounds good ("some day I will move to a castle in Scotland and marry a man named Earl Grey"...more on that later).

BEST SCONE I HAVE EVER HAD. Just buttery enough without being greasy, filled with a fluffiness that didn't sacrifice its crunch and crumble to low fat. This was, of course, amplified by adorable surroundings. If you have a hunger for tea accessories, scones, tea, or perhaps have a kid (you count, too) who likes to journey to Wonderland, check this place out!

Tea pots, take home tea, tarts, twinkle dust...the only thing you won't find is the answer to the age old question, "Why is a Raven like a writing desk?".

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