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Monday, August 30, 2010

Blog Challenge!

The "Challenge yourself to blog" campaign has begun!

What are the challenges?
Learning how to use new gadgets, embedding code, making and editing videos...the list goes on! Besides fun, there are a lot of benefits:

Students can
1. strengthen their blogging basics
2. widen their PLN
3. get creative ideas
4. meet other student/teacher bloggers
5. learn about new tools and gadgets
6. register your individual (not class) blog here!

Teachers can
1. submit ideas for challenge activities
2. connect students to an international bloggosphere
3. register your class' blog here

First Challenge: One Day on Earth
Students all over the world film their 24 hour experiences. Let's see how different, or similar, we all are. Current global student commitments:

1 comment:

  1. G'day Steph,
    Thanks for registering your individual student blog in the blogging challenge. I hope you enjoy the activities and make friends with other students around the world through commenting and reading their posts.

    The first challenge will be published on 20th September. Make sure you visit the blog at during that week.

    PS I would suggest you have Name?URL as an option for comment profile, as many younger students won't have Google accounts to sign in under.


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