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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Copyright vs Creativity

I always face resistance when telling my college freshmen that Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for their speeches. I open our plagiarism class by opening a Wikipedia page which states "Stephanie Bushman is...". Surprise! I've updated a page...and the information is incorrect. The problem with Wikipedia is that anyone can update it from anywhere at any time. The people writing there are not always experts, and this makes Wikipedia an invalid source.

I say this with a grain of salt, however. The widespread internet access has spread our knowledge base from those who can publish to those who can type. If the media is supposed to serve as a watch dog, then we now have millions of eyes on constant alert, who are more than happy to tweet their hearts out.

But what about our knowledge base's future? A lot can be learned via comparison

CFV 426 - Avatar/Pocahontas Mashup FINAL VERSION from Randy Szuch on Vimeo.

Ultimately, I tell my students to play by the rules. When in doubt, site it out.

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  1. Some would say Pocahontas and Avatar are both the product of a similar story line: adventure, quest for self, etc. That was not meant to be the basis of comparison. Instead, the lesson can be learned in that the voice of Avatar seems to describe the events in Pocahontas.
    1. Is this a "new" movie? Why or why not?
    -It uses elements of two movies already established, but does the re-make make it new?
    2. When mashups are humorous, how do we know? Our culture teaches us to expect certain voices for certain characters, etc.


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