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Monday, August 30, 2010

EdTech: Know Thy Roots

I talk a lot about where I hope to see #EdTech end up...but what about where it started? As any good history student knows, you gotta study the past to understand why you're at the present moment. This slide show by Mr. Farber's Room explains:

Another important note about technology and teaching is re-appropriation. I love social media and see an excellent source of educational value (lesson plans, teaching tools for students at home, etc) in Twitter and Blogs. Twitter and blogs already exist, so encourage their use in education. Once we have a few solid lesson plans, then maybe even cel phones (though I'm not convinced they can be "mobile education tools" just yet).

Another great example is Skype. I used Skype to maintain a long distance relationship while studying in Greece. Why not use it for distance learning, or even linking to another class for intercultural studies?

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