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Sunday, August 29, 2010

My PLN: Back to Class

I first started using a PLN, or Personal Learning network, this summer. I began a google bookmark list to compile great suggestions or online gadgets that I could use in my classroom. I've even joined the movement to re-appropriate social media for education, turning my Twitter account into a space for sharing and discussing educational technology, aka #edtech.

Social media has come a long way these past few years. "Media culture" was once theorized to make national boundaries permeable; now it reinforces them.

The need for educational technology is clear: our students are entering a more technologically advanced society which demands their interaction. More pressing still is the learning styles students adopt from their new media teachers, such as multitasking and visual presentation methods. We need to teach them to use these tools, but more importantly, the skills needed to read and discern their meanings.

The media has a plethora of persuasive methods at its fingertips. It is vital that students can understand the message that they're reviving, or more importantly, the message the sender wants them to receive. Critical thinking, media literacy, and visual literacy are all vital skills for the 21st Century student.

An even brighter future for social media in the future? Using the iPad in school. Or, encouraging students to use social media for education. Following NASA and CNN are great ways to gain relevant information (and it's sad that Katy Perry is the most followed person on Twitter?). Plus, we teachers can get involved! I've learned so much from those I follow. Even better are the #edchats...get involved!

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