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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New books, new blog?

We're educators, not just teachers. We want students to learn how to, well, learn! We won't always be there to remind them of the state capitals, but we can teach them good memorization tips that will help them in the future.

A great way to give constant access to knowledge is by building a class blog. This is an environmentally friendly, "I lost it" proof way of preserving class discussions and links for future use.

A lot of us are teachers because we like learning. So get educated! Create your own PLN. That means two way communication-comment on others' blogs or tweet your heart out! Our teaching community is passionate about, well, teaching! The Edublogger is a great place to teach yourself how to use new gadgets. My google list is always growing because of the insight other teachers have shared. Create one yourself-organize your knowledge then share it!

Create a feasible goal with your students in mind. How will tech benefit them? Which is more beneficial to your subject matter, a class blog as an archive or a class blog for students to comment on? Next, get educated-know the pros and cons of your medium (creating videos vs creating podcasts, for example). Finally: How will you implement tech in your classroom this year? Share your ideas and/or get inspired here.

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