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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A YouTube channel fit for a Queen

That's right.
The Queen of England has a YouTube channel.

Still trying to convince your students' parents that YouTube and Twitter are useful in the classroom?

Brittany Spears has the largest Twitter following to date. Ashton Kutcher beat CNN to the million mark.

We all know that the media influences our culture, and vise versa. Our culture has never been static, but with the dawn of the media age it's become increasingly mashed up and user-run.

In a world where creative ownership is increasingly fuzzy and a great deal of humor comes from cross-media references, a good teacher must teach students how to use many mediums correctly and to their greatest advantage. Enter social media lesson plans.

For example: Our current President's use of multiple mediums buttressed his campaign.

We clearly need to teach our students how to use social media properly-it's influencing the world around them. More importantly-they can provide a piece of that influence. Let's re-appropriate Twitter and other social media for learning!

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