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Friday, September 3, 2010

B is for Blood

Chapter Three

"B" is for "Blood".

The previous entry was about books and reading lists- blood seems unrelated, right?

Of course not-I wouldn't do that to you.

Latest teen book craze: New Moon and the associated werewolves and, of course, vampires. I'm glad Stephenie (note, not like me, Stephanie) could inspire teenagers to read. Literacy, and reading in general, are very important to maintaining an educated society. I won't discuss the literary quality of these books, but hey, it got kids back into bookstores.

The downside of the trend? Blood-sucking teenagers. Recent reports of skin infections originating from, you guessed it, attempts at Vampirism. According to a recent CBS report, the bites show devotion to someone. These modern-day hickies show the possessive side, or perhaps need, Middle Schoolers wish to associate with their relationships (including friendships). Apparently locker notes just don't cut it.

I guess Middle School romance really does bite after all.

Clearly New moon has sparked a vampire craze in our culture. Books bites, and the adaptation of a European vampire movie to American cinema.

original: (translates to) "Let the Right One In"

US version: "Let Me In"

Amazing how similar they are...
The US tag line is "Innocence dies. Abby doesn't."
I find it interesting to note that the American version has older children and looks more like a horror movie-is puberty a scarier concept to Americans, or are we concerned that a love story will make less money? Maybe both.

Along with crazes come counterculture. "Vampires Suck" spoofs the books.

I know lots of people who are afraid of blood or needles. Unfortunately, there are more people who need blood than those who fear it. In the wake of Hurricane Earl and the flooding in Pakistan, blood donors are needed more than ever. Click here to find a blood drive near you.

I hope the vampire obsession can lead to a lasting positive change: teenage reading and blood donation.

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