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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Television to Book and Back

TV has gone to new heights. Shows are often chock full of special effects, just like movies. Characters and shows bridge between books and shows as well.

There have been plenty of stories about bullying or social clicks. Take "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" for example. It was once a book collection...

...and now is a box office hit.

You can't ignore the High School musical phase. The movie sparked accessories

as well as soundtracks.

I too was once a Drama Kid, but it never looked like Glee. Perhaps that's why I can enjoy this show so much.

Then there's Dexter. Few people know that the hit show

was based on a novel series.

As the first half of Book Seven hits theaters, Harry Potter fans are reminded once again of the twisting plot book Seven brought. Like many other fans, I'm re-reading book Seven before seeing the movie

or listen to it on your way to work!

The first half of book seven hits theaters November 19th!!!

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