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Friday, September 3, 2010

Why don't more people care about Pakistan?

The 2010 flooding of Pakistan received minimal coverage and US media attention.

Why, especially after the attention devoted to other nations' food, water, and economic crises?

The popular media theory, Agenda setting, states that while the media cannot tell us what to think, they can tell us what to think ABOUT. Thus, the more media attention an event garners, the more important it must be.

So without media attention, we don't think about Pakistan, or feel the situation there is important.

While the time to help flood victims has passed, the crisis does in fact continue in Pakistan. The results of the flooding are still reverberating throughout the region. Poisoned water and political unrest has led the population into further turmoil.

Why hasn't the media focused on this?
1. US-Pakistan relations are poor. But more importantly...
2. the US supports Israel. Supporting Pakistan might cause US or World politics to flux.

Our political hands are tied, and that keeps our purses tied shut.

The results, however, could be devastating.
Terrorism in this area is high. The perception of US wealth, and their denial of assistance, could increase anti-US terrorism in the area.

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