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Thursday, October 7, 2010

10.10.10 Lesson Plans: Global Citizens

As teachers, we are constantly seeking ways to make our lesson plans palatable. We can do this in a few ways.
1. Relate the lessons back to the students' lives. This way they (a) see more reason to pay attention (b) can use the lesson later, leading to greater retention (c) have increased respect for the teacher (increased immediacy: "hey, my teacher understands me!")
2. Take the lesson outside the classroom by (a) taking field trips to stimulate class bonding and imagination (b) connecting the class or lesson with current world wide events

As 10.10.10 approaches, lesson plans can gain a valuable boost from reflecting on the status of education worldwide.

Education is critical for beating global poverty. Oxfam is working hard to get basic education for all who need it, and you can help! On 10/10/10, Oxfam asks you to reflect on the issues education in your own life and identify why these are your and EVERYONE'S fundamental rights.


1. Consider education in your own life. How are you thriving? How are you neglected? How is access, or lack of access, to education affecting your community?
2. Answer any or all of these questions on camera.
3. Feel free to take things further. Consider investigating these sectors in your community. Seek out images and interview individuals related to the topic of education.
4. Edit your video with these gadgets.
5. When you upload your video please be sure to tag it "Oxfam".
6. Enter your video here.

Learn more about the project here:

Webcast 7 from One Day On Earth on Vimeo.

This will help students connect with global events, and understand their role in becoming global citizens. By speaking about their education, students can reflect on what they have learned, and perhaps even gain an appreciation for their school and teacher. They get a chance to be creative, too!

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