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Saturday, October 23, 2010

National Celebration of Reading

Penguin Books has begun its "Read a book, Give a book" campaign this month. How can you give books to needy children? By reading a book to your children.

Log on and read a book online with your child. Then, you can donate that book to children in New York City, Haiti, or Africa.

There are many separate campaigns this year:

1. Jumpstart Reading Libraries. This campaign helps create libraries in preschools across the USA.

2. The Million Word Challenge.

3. Tinga Tinga Tales: East Africa:

4. Conspiracy for Good: A teacher in Zambia reaches out to seek books for her students.

5. Books for Asia.

6. Family Story Power: Books for New York City libraries:

All of these campaigns offer you the chance to share literacy with children across the world, while also sharing a story with your child!

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