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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Racism in Education

I find it interesting that, of all the campaigns, support for the New York City libraries is by far the smallest. I believe this is for a few reasons.

1. Many Americans are taught "rich guilt", or that we should feel guilty for having while others have not. This mentality is supported, and fostered, by charities looking to support children in other countries. They create the image that the suffering in other countries is greater than the suffering in our own country. Children in America need to read just as much as children in Africa.

2. The American Dream. Our American culture teaches us that if we work hard enough we can achieve anything. Thus, we assume that those who have not achieved have not worked hard. The truth is the American Dream is still not equal. Our nation's poverty, homelessness, and hunger are often similar to those countries we seek to help, and yet the support Americans give to other countries far outnumbers the support given to our own citizens.

2a. Environmental Racism: Power plants and other unwanted public buildings often spring up in areas where the population cannot defend itself. Rich neighborhoods are given the libraries, not the dumps.

2b. The cyclical cycle of poverty and poor education. The documentary, "Waiting for Superman" follows poor children who's only chance at a good education is to win the lottery. Winning the lottery? Isn't that a popular saying in this country...basically you have no chance. Why are American children, the ones who supposedly have access to the American Dream, waiting on a lottery system to be educated?

Those who are poor do not get educated. Those who are not educated remain poor.

I think it's time we addressed the racism in our education system.

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