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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Social Media: Fundraising Springboard

Social media transmits and changes our culture-so can it be used for good? A report by The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth shows that the largest U.S. non-profit organizations continue to outpace higher education institutions in their use and monitoring of social mediums. Clearly, non-profit organizations making solid use of social media by creatively harnessing its power and potential.

How do they do it? By identifying the most powerful ways to reach a large and diverse audience.
93% of the top U.S. charities have a Facebook page
87% have a Twitter profile
65% have a blog

Big and small businesses alike have access to social media-it's free and easy to use for both the sender and receiver. As we've seen with previous online movements, the internet can help you create a new personality separate from that which exists in the "real world". In short, these social mediums give the little guys a voice just as big as the voice of billion dollar or staffed corporations.

Foundations use social media to raise awareness or raise funds.
-The Arthritis foundation makes localized Facebook pages to promote events.
-Mother's Day was different this year for the workers at Epic Change after being inspired by Mama Lucy. This Mama is a change agent who believed that education is the key to transforming a country gripped by poverty. Over the last six years, Mama Lucy has grown the school from one classroom with fewer than 10 students, to a school that now serves more than 300 children at eight grade levels!

To Mama, with Love allows people to post a love message for their mother on their web page for the price of a donation. Today, Organic Beauty Now will donate one dollar for every Twitter post about To Mama With Love. Money raised to date: $16,910.

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