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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Cultural Implications of a Burial at Sea

The timeline of Osama Bin Laden's terror extends far beyond September 11th. His death does not mark the end of his impact in the United States, either.

Osama's burial at sea today does not mark the end of the War on Terror. Obama states that the rallies have brought temporary unity to the US:
"I think we experienced the same sense of unity that prevailed on 9/11," said the President.

"We were reminded again that there is a pride in what this nation stands for and what we can achieve that runs far deeper than party, far deeper than politics," (
However, there may be larger implications to celebrating Osama's violent death.

1. The first negative ramification is the bonding that occurs over such a violent event. There is a big difference between cheering "USA!" and "F*uck Osama".

2. The ideology lives on...someone else will take his place.

3. The cultural ramifications of Osama's burial. According to Islamic tradition, Osama should have been burried facing Meca. With an underwater burial, this is difficult to ensure.

4. Relations with Pakistan, particularly in regards to our close relationship with Israel. How does Pakistan feel about its portrayl in this whole ordeal? How about its people?

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