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Monday, June 20, 2011

Dress For Success

Dr. Scholl's For Her (they sell those cushy high heel insoles) is sponsoring a $25,000 shoe donation to Dress For Success, a company devoted to providing underprivileged women with business attire.

Women are STILL under-represented in many higher level positions, and worse, STILL make less money than men. In recent news, the Supreme Court threw out the largest sex discrimination case in history this week. Needless to say, this campaign is timely and desperately needed.

You can vote for the shoes you want donated here. However, the shoe selections leave something to be desired. While I believe a woman doesn't have to hide her curves at the office, there is a certain sort of decorum that must be maintained in an office setting. This is important, as there are so many other things working against promoting women (they're too emotional, they'll get knocked up, and other ridiculousness) their dress should not be one of them.

Thus, a short blurb on office dress code for ladies in the summer.
1. No bare shoulders. I know it's warm outside, but the office is not the place for your cute beach wrap. Bring a sweater for the office.
2. No flip flops. EVER. Wear them for the commute and change in the lobby.
3. Dear Dr. Scholl's: Extremely high, strappy, and otherwise loud heels are NOT professional. They don't have to be black, but please no animal print!
4. No revealing tops or slitted skirts.
1. Play with the cute floral patterns of summer. Pair these blouses or skirts with a more quiet jacket, blouse, skirt, etc
2. Open-toe shoes are becoming acceptable in some offices...get that cute pair! Better yet, embrace the new style of flats-they always seem more professional than the GaGa sky-high heels
3. Enjoy your music-with your headphones.

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