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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TransMedia Projects

This new term has been flying across the internet, from creative to advertising mediums.

So what exactly is a TransMedia project?

A TransMedia project places content on multiple stages, such as Facebook or Twitter, and uses each medium to tell a part of the story. This type of storytelling offers a deeper appreciation for projects because of the varying strengths of these mediums. In this way, viewers often become more engrossed in stories or characters because they can interact with them on Facebook, get live and instant updates via Twitter, and watch new episodes on YouTube. This type of advertising offers strength in its variety; the message is sent to multiple audiences simultaneously and can be altered accordingly.

One new TransMedia project is highly anticipated in the comedy world: I Made America.

Particularly timely in light of the upcoming election, I Made America is a comedy sketch about a few founding fathers stuck in the mire that is our current campaign trail. The fathers have Facebook pages, offering a unique degree of interactivity.

John Adams
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson

Ben Franklin

The characters will also be appearing in various physical locations, taking TransMedia outside the digital world (CAUTION CURSING):

TransMedia projects such as I Made America truly stretch the boundaries of what is considered "digital media"; with multiple aps (Twitter, Facebook, etc) running simultaneously,viewership rises to a whole new level.

Charles Dickens and the publishing industry figured it out early: publishing in installments increases viewership. Perhaps it's the anticipation. The real new territory here is interactivity. Typically as interactivity increases so does the success of the show. Causality may include increased show exposure, increased/diversified feedback from audiences, wider audiences (internet options allow multicultural audiences to access the show), amongst others. The real success lies within increased audience participation: more audience investment often yields more commitment, and for a TV show, this means a dense and long-standing audience base.

Shows such as I Made America serve as interesting test pilots for the future of programing...keep an eye on these guys.

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